Monday, March 27, 2023


What an honor! The promotional trailer for “Lone Oak” was nominated for Best Trailer at the International Christian Film Festival.

I was hesitant about entering the trailer because we are still raising money to make the film, but here we are, nominated for best trailer. This is a very humbling experience. I sure didn't do this on my own. In fact, without the help of numerous people, prompting from my beautiful bride and God, the script would still be sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

The nomination is not the win. We won't know who the winner is until May, but this is certainly an encouragement. I'm amazed at how many have loved the script. I know I like the story, but I am the author of the book the screenplay is based on, so I better like it. I never envisioned myself making a movie, but then, I never envisioned myself writing two published books either.

What have I learned on this still unfinished journey? I could make a list that is longer than my arm, but you'd get bored. I'll highlight a few things.

First and foremost, you'll never get anywhere by dreaming about it. I don't mean to not dream, but in order for that dream to become a reality, you have to work at it. It will cost you time, effort and money. Sleepless nights, frustration that things aren't happening on your schedule and uncertainty that you should even try, are all part of it. Those who succeed aren't any smarter or more lucky that you. They simply did not quit. Don't give up on your dreams, but do more than dream. DO!

Be humble enough to know you don't know and willing to look to others for advice. Many successful people are happy to give helpful advice. They know that their success is not dependent on your failure. In the words of Ronald Reagan, they know “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Additionally, if they have succeeded, they know how to succeed. Nobody knows all of the answers, but those who have succeeded know how to succeed. One other thing that is very important. In order to succeed, you must define success for yourself.

Last on today's list, be thankful! No matter what you have, you will appreciate it more if you take time to be thankful for it. Hard times teach you perseverance. Good times teach you to rejoice and to be generous. Daily tedium teaches you that your joy comes not from your surroundings, but from the One who made your surroundings and provides for your daily life. Messes made by your children let you see happiness in the little things. Being tired each gives you the satisfaction of a day of accomplishments, no matter how large or small.

“Today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday.” Phil Hardy

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