Friday, December 23, 2022



Faraway lands and time travel

I have a question. What exactly do you do?

      I was recently asked the question, “What do you do”. I thought about it and asked myself, “Are your books merely entertainment?” I hoped they were more than that, but what? I asked myself, "Is a book or story more than just entertainment?" As I thought about it I came up with the following answer.

       This is what I do. I take people on journeys through space and time to destinations that they can only imagine. I provide adventures fraught with danger and excitement and even provide a touch of romance at times. I touch people's hearts and minds and give them a reason to fear and to cheer.

      I'm a tour guide, of sorts, leading my readers down twisting turning trails of the imagination. I point to the landscapes and characters while letting surprises grab you leaving you wondering how you missed the clues. Each adventure is pure fiction, so your mind's eye is the only limit.

       I hope that I make people think a little deeper about this world in which we live and instill a little more courage to stand for what is right. My desire is to give my readers an escape from the toils of today for a short time so that they can return a little stronger in their desire to defend the defenseless and help the helpless. My stories have heroes who are just like you and me, regular everyday people.

      What am I and what do I do? I am an author, a tour guide and a spinner of yarns. I'm a storyteller whose stories are only limited by the imagination.

 Thank you for visiting.

       Phillip Hardy


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